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Muscular and joint pain is often caused by tension. Use tension release movements to find where your tensions are and control some of the pain.


Tension release is good at any age, but after 40 years, most people start experiencing chronic muscle stiffness and difficulty moving different joints. This is when a mobility program could become very useful. 


With time, the muscles have the habit of keeping some tension and not relaxing completely. That tension could be coming from exercising, emotions stored in the body or simply from the stress we experience in our daily life. Without tension release, muscular tension will build up with time and could become quite painful. So it is very important to help the muscles to relax.  The tension release movements taught at the Green Heron are done with balls, sticks and specific stretches. The goal is to find your tension patterns and try to manage it yourself. The key to health is to know your own body and give it what it needs. Always look at it as a self-massage, meaning a free massage…

The Green Heron Personal Training, does warm-up before you start your excersise program
The Green Heron Personal Training, does stretches after you workout
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